The Fastest Smartphone Keyboard on Earth

Keymonk is a new kind of keyboard for Android that lets you sweep words using both fingers at once. The result is the fastest smartphone keyboard on earth, a keyboard that is faster than a free falling monkey. Get it on Google Play.

Shattering a Guinness World Record

Keymonk was used to break the Guinness world record for fastest SMS, clocking 88 words per minute. The official record from 2010 is 25.94 seconds by Melissa Thompson using a Swype powered device:

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Breaking New Grounds

At the heart of Keymonk is the patent pending multi-sweep technology which enables it to perform its magic at record speed. To couple it, Keymonk was designed from the ground up to be effective at 40 words per minute or faster, and its clean and unique layout was designed to minimize distraction and promote accuracy. The outcome is a ground breaking, usable and performant keyboard.


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